To most of the people round the globe, Tibet is a mysterious and magnificent place. Tibet offers you breathe taking views of the highest mountains in the world, holy and ancient monasteries and splendid turquoise lakes, and attracts most of the people from home and abroad. Every visitor gets an unforgettable experience on the tour to Tibet. Tibet usually is known as the roof of the world as it lies on the highest plateau on earth. During the tour to Tibet you will pass across huge plains dotted with the Tibetian yaks, see the glittering holy lakes, visit some of the most ancient and fabulous monasteries beautifully decorated colorful eye catching prayer flags all the way to the base camp of Mt. Everest. Although there are some obstacles in the Tibet tours you will have to overcome, you will still feel the peace and the pictutestic scenery will still conquer your heart and that’s what attracts people to visit Tibet.

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Lhasa Everest Base Camp Trip

Tibet tour includes Everest Base Camp trek is 9 days fly in and drive out…

Drive in fly out tour

This journey which takes you up and through picturesque heights, along emerald and turquoise lakes…